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MESK MSI established as training service provider to offer a high quality courses and services to individuals and organizations who required trainings that will provide additional knowledge and new information to each individual.   We provide Public trainings in the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Human Resources, Process and Chemical Engineering with highly qualified Instructors who are knowledgeable, competent and expert in different fields and can deliver the course as required.   We provide Public trainings in the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Human Resources, Process and Chemical Engineering with highly qualified Instructors who are knowledgeable, competent and expert in different fields and can deliver the course as required. We provide Public trainings in the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Human Resources, Process and Chemical Engineering with highly qualified Instructors who are knowledgeable, competent and expert in different fields and can deliver the course as required.
Analytical Laboratory, Analyzers, R&D and R&T Engineering
Code Training Title
AL200 Internal Auditing of Quality Management System for Calibrating and Testing Laboratories
AL195 Sampling & Analysis of Water and Water Pollution
AL190 Laboratory Hazardous Management System
AL185 Sample Development and Preparation in Analytical Laboratory
AL180 Internal Quality Control for Microbiologist
AL175 Mycotoxin's Reference Laboratory
AL165 ISO 15189
AL160 Laboratory Control of a Wastewater Treatment Plant
AL155 Measurement Uncertainty
AL150 Oil & Gas Laboratory Operation Management
AL140 Trace Analysis: Applications, Methodologies, Techniques, Sample Preparation, Measurement and Reporting
AL125 Laboratory Instruments Calibrations and Troubleshooting Techniques
AL120 Analyzer: Process Analyzer Technology
AL110 Modern Analytical Laboratory and Instrumentation: Management, Operations, Analytical Instrumentation, Equipment, Safety and Quality (ISO 17025)
AL105 Metallurgical Lab
AL100 Method Validation and Uncertainty of Measurement
AL065 Certified ISO 17025 Lead Auditor
AL060 Laboratory Techniques
AL035 Chemical Laboratory: Operations, Equipment, Instruments, Quality & Safety
AL030 Sampling Techniques of Chemicals
AL025 Modern Analytical Laboratory: Management, Operations, Analytical Instrumentation, Equipment, Safety & Quality (ISO 17025)
AL020 Advanced Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data: Method Development, Method Validation, Uncertainty, Calibration, SQC and Data Interpretation
Defense, Security & Military Management
Code Training Title
SM025 Security Management: Riots, Strikes, Demonstration & Unrest Situation
SM020 Security Risk Assessment & Management
SM015 Modern Security Management in Process Facilities
SM010 Water Supply System Security, Vulnerability & Terrorism
Drilling, Reservoir & Petroleum Engineering
Code Training Title
DE205 Well Completion & Servicing: Oil & Gas Field Development Techniques
DE195 Decision Analysis for Petroleum Exploration
DE190 Novel Mud
DE185 Hydraulic Fracturing Applications
DE180 Integration of Rocks, Logs & Test Data
DE175 Naturally Fractured Reservoir Engineering
DE170 Well Completion, Servicing and Work-Over Operations
DE168 Drill Completion Design - Well
DE167 Directional Drilling
DE160 Advanced Petrophysics/Interpretation of Cased Hole Logs
DE155 Production Logging & Reservoir Monitoring
DE150 Advanced Well Testing Design & Analysis
DE145 Well Log Interpretation (WLI)
DE135 Decline Curve Analysis
DE130 Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach
DE125 Production Chemistry & Chemical Treatment in the Oil & Gas Fields
DE115 Practical Petroleum Risk, Decision Analysis & Economics
DE110 Well Completion Design & Operation, Well Stimulation and Workover Planning
DE105 Advanced LOG/LOGGING Interpretation Technology
DE100 Probability and Statistics - Exploration
DE095 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
DE090 Completion & Well Intervention Operation
DE085 Foundation of Petrophysics
DE080 Well Control for Drilling and Workover/Well Completion
DE075 Consequences of Acquisition & Processing on 2D /3D Seismic Data Interpretation and AVO Analysis
DE065 Advanced Integrated Production Modeling
DE060 ESP Application Engineering
DE055 Well Engineering Operations
DE050 Well Composite, Construction Integrity & Completion
DE045 Reservoir Geology - Sedimentology, Petrography, Pore Space Evolutions, Architectural Types
DE040 Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management
DE035 Engineering & Technology of Deviated and Horizontal Wells
DE030 Pressure Transient Testing & Reservoir Performance Evaluation
DE025 Applied Reservoir Engineering & Management: Analysis, Characterization, Simulation, Integration, Statistics & Naturally Fractured
DE020 HPHT Well Completion Design
DE015 Advanced Casing Design
DE010 Foundation of Geophysics
Electrical & Power Engineering
Code Training Title
EE455 Generator: Controls, Protections and Operation
EE450 Power Plant Start, Commissioning & Troubleshooting
EE440 Calibration and Testing of Electrical Measuring Instruments
EE435 Basics of Electrical
EE430 Grounding and Lightning Protection
EE425 Electrical Motor Start-up
EE415 Power System Analysis
EE410 Switchgear Operation & Maintenance
EE405 Process Control and Safety Systems
EE400 Protection & Coordination, and Advanced Microprocessor Based Protection
EE395 Power System Generation & Distribution
EE390 UPS and Battery Systems
EE385 Electrical Motors
EE375 Power Distribution Cables
EE370 Analysis and Protection Power Systems in Electrical Industry
EE365 Identify & Characterize the Main Electrical Equipment of the Plant
EE360 Draw & Interpret Electrical Diagrams
EE355 Electrical Safety Rules
EE345 Electrical Safety
EE335 Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) & Control Systems
EE330 Load Forecasting and System Upgrade (Distribution)
EE325 Electrical Generators: Selection, Applications, Operation, Protective Systems, Diagnostic Testing and Maintenance
EE320 Modern Electric Power Systems: GENERATION, TRANSFORMATION, TRANSMISSION, DISTRIBUTION, SUBSTATION & UTILIZATION: Design, Modeling, Analysis, Planning, Monitoring, Control, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
EE315 Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment's & Control Circuits
EE310 Maintenance and Troubleshooting of UPS Systems and Battery Power Supplies
EE295 Power Supply & Maintenance
EE290 Fault Analysis in Electrical Networks & Distribution Cables
EE285 Power Supply - Transformers
EE275 Mechanical Application in Transmission Line Networks
EE270 Electric Motor Maintenance & Troubleshooting
EE260 Electrical Codes: National Electrical Code (NEC 2011)
EE255 Power Systems Troubleshooting & Maintenance
EE250 Electrical Control Circuits & Equipment: Applications & Troubleshooting (Practical Approach)
EE245 Generator and Electrical Systems
EE240 Generator Operations, Maintenance, Control, Testing & Troubleshooting
EE235 AGL Specialist AGL4 Training
EE230 Substation Automation Systems & Application (IEC 61850)
EE225 Electrical Equipment & Control Systems: TRANSFORMERS, INVERTERS, RECTIFIERS, UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SYSTEMS, GENERATORS, CIRCUIT BREAKERS & FUSES: Selection, Installation, Operation, Testing, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
EE220 UPS & Battery Design, Operation & Troubleshooting
EE215 Overhead Power Line Construction, Commissioning, Testing, Maintenance & Patrolling
EE210 Motor Control Circuits
EE205 ETAP: Electrical Transient Analysis Programmed
EE195 Power Systems Protection & Relaying
EE185 Power Systems
EE165 Motors Testing & Maintenance
EE160 Power Supply - AVR
EE156 Power Generation and Transmission
EE155 Power Generation: GAS TURBINES, STEAM POWER PLANTS, CO-GENERATION AND COMBINED CYCLE PLANTS : Selection, Applications, Operation, Maintenance, and Economics
EE150 Electric Distribution System Equipment: TRANSFORMERS, SWITCHGEARS, CIRCUIT BREAKERS, RELAYS, CAPACITORS, SURGE ARRESTERS, CABLES & METERS: Installation, Operation, Inspection, Testing, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
EE145 Power System Blackouts & Restoration: Causes, Prevention, Automatic Protection Schemes, Graphic Displays & System Recovery Procedures
EE140 Modern Power System Protective Relaying
EE136 Static Electricity
EE135 Basic Electricity
EE125 Power System Planning & Economics
EE120 Transformer Diagnostic: Methods of Insulating System & Lifetime Extension
EE115 Electrical Demand Side Management (DSM)
EE110 Earthing, Bonding, Lightning & Surge Protection of Electrical and Electronic Systems & Equipment
EE107 High and Medium Voltage Substation Design, Testing and Maintenance
EE105 High Voltage Electrical Safety (OSHA, NFPA & EN Standards)
EE095 Generator Excitation Systems & AVR: Selection, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Testing & Troubleshooting
EE085 Circuit Breakers & Switchgears Advanced
EE080 Electric Power Substation: Maintenance, Grounding & Safety
EE075 Power Systems Control & Stability
EE070 Electrical Fundamentals
EE065 Electrical Energy Conservation and Technologies
EE055 Certified Electrical Inspector (CEI Master): IAEI Exam Preparation Training
EE050 Certified HV/MV Cable Splicing, Jointing & Termination
EE045 DC Power Plant, UPS & Batteries
EE040 Transformer Operation, Maintenance, Diagnosis & Testing
EE035 Electrical Drawing & Wiring
EE025 Advanced ABB VSD Controllers
EE020 Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits
EE015 Electrical Workshop Test Bench
EE010 Economic Dispatch & Grid Stability Constraints
Facility Integrity, Inspection, Metallurgy & Corrosion Engineering
Code Training Title
FE245 Eddy Current Testing / IRIS
FE240 Application of Codes & Standards in BPV & Piping
FE235 Slickline / Wireline Operations
FE230 Industry & Company Codes & Standards
FE225 API 570 - Piping
FE220 Corrosion Prevention in Oil and Gas Industry
FE216 Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists (Advanced)
FE215 Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists (Strengths and Properties of Materials)
FE210 API 571: Deterotiation Mechanisms
FE205 Inspection of Pressure Relieving Devices
FE200 AWS/CSWIP Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing
FE195 Integrity Management
FE190 Advanced Pipeline Engineering
FE185 Pipeline Pigging, In-Line Inspection & Integrity Assessment: Practical & Operational Aspects (API 1163)
FE180 Mechanical Integrity & Reliability in Process Plants
FE175 Metallurgical Failure Analysis & Prevention
FE170 Protective Coating Technology
FE165 Wireline Operations & Techniques
FE160 Sequence Stratigraphy: An Applied Workshop
FE155 Streamlines: Applications to Reservoir Simulation, Characterization and Management
FE150 ASME B31 Piping & Pipeline Design, Construction, Inspection, Pigging, Maintenance, Repair & Integrity Assessment (ASME B31, API 570 & API 579 Standards)
FE145 Corrosion Monitoring & Control Techniques
FE140 API-580/581: Introduction to Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Methodologies and Practices (API Exam Preparation Training)
FE135 Refractory Inspection & Application
FE130 Metallurgical Furnace: Second Metallurgy/Ladle Furnace Treatment
FE125 ASME Post Construction Code (PCC) and API 579 & API 571: Inspection, Planning, Fitness-for-Service , Damage Mechanisms and Repair for Vessels, Tanks, Piping's and Process Plant Equipment
FE120 API Standards for Machinery & Rotating Equipment
FE115 Welding Technology: Welding, Fabrication and Inspection (AWS, ASME and API Codes)
FE110 Materials of Construction for Process Equipment & Piping Systems
FE105 ASME B31 Design and Integrity Stress Analysis of Piping Systems and Pipelines
FE102 Risk Based Inspection Techniques and Identifying Damage Mechanisms
FE101 API 579 Firness For Service
FE100 API-579/580/581: Risk-Based-Inspection (RBI), Fitness-for-Service (FFS) and Repair Practices of Pipelines, Piping, Vessels and Tanks in Refineries, Gas, Oil and Petrochemical Facilities
FE095 Pipeline Integrity Assessment - Practical Aspects
FE090 Process Equipment Inspection, Evaluation & Repair
FE085 Pipeline Pigging -Technical & Operational Aspects
FE080 Metallurgy, Corrosion and Prevention of Failures
FE070 ASME B31.3, Process Piping Design, Construction & Mechanical Integrity (ASME B31.3 & API570)
FE065 AWS Preparatory Course & Exam
FE060 AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
FE055 API 570: PIPING INSPECTION CODE: Inspection, Repair, Alteration & Rerating of In-Service Piping Systems (API Exam Preparation Training)
FE045 API 936: Refractory Inspection Code : Installation, Inspection, Testing & Repair (API Exam Preparation Training)
FE040 Mechanical Integrity
FE035 ASME Codes Awareness
FE030 Piping Vibration Analysis & Practical Engineering Solutions
FE025 Pipeline and Piping Design, Installation, Operation, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, FFS, Integrity & Rehabilitation (ASME B31 & API 579 Standards)
FE020 Corrosion Inhibition: Technology, Applications, Selection, Monitoring, Performance, Troubleshooting and Environmental Concerns
FE015 Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist
FE010 API 653: TANK INSPECTION CODE: Inspection, Repair, Alteration & Reconstruction of Steel Aboveground Storage Tanks Used in the Petrochemical Industry (API Exam Preparation Training)
Finance Management
Code Training Title
FM215 IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
FM210 Fundamentals of Budgeting
FM205 Asset Transfer Classification
FM195 Asset Management Competencies
FM190 Budget Preparation and Monitoring Program
FM185 Statistical Methods for Business Economists
FM180 Skills Required for an Insurance Billing Specialist
FM175 Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management
FM170 Public Relations Communication: Strategies for Success
FM165 Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting
FM160 Payroll and Compensation Business Procedures
FM155 Mastering Finance & Accounting
FM150 Managing Business and Financial Turnarounds
FM145 Leadership Skills in the Computer
FM140 International Accounting Standards
FM135 Improving Productivity Through Quality & Cost Control
FM130 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
FM120 Financial Risk Management & Corporate Governance
FM115 Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control
FM110 Financial Management for Projects & Contracts
FM105 Financial Competency
FM100 Financial and Strategic Planning
FM097 Best Practice Finance & Accounting
FM095 Financial Accounting & Reporting
FM091 Finance, Accounting & Audit
FM090 Finance and Accounting for the Oil & Gas Industry
FM085 Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Person
FM080 Effective Internal Auditing
FM075 Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
FM070 Denials & Rejections from Insurance Company
FM065 Cost Management
FM060 Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control
FM055 Certified Corporate Financial Manager
FM050 Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting
FM045 Business Financial & Accounting Skills
FM040 Oil & Gas Accounting & Finance
FM035 Financial Analysis: Evaluation & Budgeting
FM030 Project Accountant
FM025 Financial for Non-Financial Professional
FM020 Contractual Risk, Insurance & Indemnities
FM015 Letters of Credit
FM010 Budget Modeling, Cost Analysis, Reporting & Contract Expenditures Control
General Engineering
Code Training Title
GE055 Data Analysis Techniques for Engineers & Technologists
GE050 Energy Management in Plant Design
GE045 Advanced Design Techniques
GE035 Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry
GE010 Geographical and Mapping Information Management System: Theory and Practice Software
Health,Safety & Environmental Engineering & Management
Code Training Title
HE645 NFPA - 101 Life Safety Code
HE640 Practical Industrial Safety, Risk Assessment & Shutdown System
HE635 Risk Assessment & Management
HE630 Health and Safety in the Workplace
HE625 Bow Tie Methodology for QRA
HE620 Confined Space Rescue & Aviation Fire Fighting
HE610 Advanced Health and Safety Management
HE605 H2S Testing, Authorization in Confined Space
HE600 Hazard and Risk Analysis
HE595 Effective Safety Culture
HE590 HSSE Core Competency for Trainees
HE585 Certificate in Safety Management
HE580 Fire Safety
HE566 Chief Fire Officers Level
HE565 Fire Officer Level 2
HE560 Risk Management
HE555 Risk Assessments (QRA, FRA, EERA)
HE545 Hazardous Area Protection
HE540 Root Cause and Risk Analysis
HE535 ISM Code
HE530 ISO 17020
HE525 BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packing - Packing Materials
HE520 BRC/IOP Global Standard - Food Safety
HE510 Food Safety Management System - ISO 22000
HE505 Occupational Health and Safety Management System - OHSAS 18001
HE502 Waste & Environmental Management
HE501 Environmental Management
HE500 Environmental Management System - ISO 14001
HE495 Fire and Gas Mapping
HE490 CPD Blast Overpressure Modeling using FLACS
HE485 Working at Height
HE475 Environmental Awareness
HE470 Food Basic Training
HE466 Emergency & Crisis Management
HE465 Environmental Emergency Management
HE461 Certified Crane Operation
HE460 Crane Operation
HE455 Forklift Operations
HE450 Certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant (ACAC Exam Preparation Training)
HE447 Permit to Work
HE446 Confined Space Rescue Training
HE445 Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Work Permit & First Aid
HE440 NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety
HE435 Behavioral-Based Safety
HE430 Overhead Cranes Operation, Inspection & Maintenance
HE425 Managing Risk, Reliability & Loss Prevention in Process Plants
HE420 Environmental Management & Technology (EMT): Environmental Engineering, Management, Impact Assessment & Sustainable Reporting
HE410 Process Plant Disaster Prevention: Case Studies & Lessons Learned
HE400 Mobile & Overhead Crane Inspection, Operation & Certification
HE395 Authorized Gas Tester (AGT)
HE390 Certified Fire Fighter Rescue Missions
HE386 Emergency Reponse Drills
HE385 Emergency Response Management & Risk Assessment
HE380 Safety in Industrial Plants
HE375 NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
HE365 Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
HE360 HAZOP - Advanced
HE355 Advanced Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Methods and Leadership (HAZOP, What-if, FMEA)
HE350 Auditing Process Safety Management (PSM) Systems
HE345 Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
HE341 First Aid (Fresh)
HE340 First Aid Medical Response
HE336 Safety and Loss Prevention
HE335 Loss Prevention
HE330 Air Traffic Services Safety Management and Investigation
HE325 Forklift License Authority
HE321 HSE Management System (HSEMS)
HE320 Managing HSE in the Business
HE315 Rigging License Authority
HE311 Safety in Rigging Practice
HE310 Certified Lifting & Rigging Equipment: Selection, Sizing, Inspection, Operation, Diagnostic Testing, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
HE305 Radiography
HE300 Safety Root Cause Analysis
HE295 Air Taser & Vapor Tracer
HE290 Industrial Hygiene: Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation & Control of Occupational Health Hazards
HE285 Overhead Crane License Authority
HE280 Safety Attitude
HE275 Chemical Handling
HE265 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
HE260 SHE Authority
HE256 Occupational Safety
HE255 Occupational Health & Safety
HE250 Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
HE245 AMAN Systems
HE241 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
HE235 Power Plant Safety
HE230 Certified Sustainability Reporting
HE225 Fall Protection
HE223 Incident Investigation
HE222 Accident Investigation & Reporting
HE221 Near Miss & Accident Investigation
HE220 Accident & Incident Investigation
HE215 Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
HE210 EMS Audit
HE205 Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions & Response Action Plan
HE200 Waste Control
HE195 HAZWOPER: Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Prevention
HE190 Train-the-Trainer for Fire Fighting
HE185 Storage Tank Fire Hazard Management
HE180 Safety Management Skills
HE175 Excellence in Safety Management
HE170 Construction Safety (STOP)
HE155 Work Permit
HE150 Confined Space Entry
HE145 Radiation Protection Officer
HE140 Radiation Safety Officer/Supervisor (RSO/RSS) (Accredited by HAAD)
HE136 Process Safety
HE130 Carbon Foot Print and Energy Efficiency
HE125 Integrated Contingency Planning for Industrial Emergencies (ICP)
HE121 Construction Industry Scaffolding Record System (CISRS)
HE120 Scaffolding
HE115 Certified Scaffolding & Aerial Work Platforms: Planning, Selection, Installation, Inspection, Stability, Materials, Methods, Standards & Safety
HE110 Overhead Crane
HE100 Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety
HE095 OSHA General Certificate in Health & Safety
HE090 Safe Handling of Chemicals
HE085 Mobile Crane
HE080 Crane License Authority
HE075 Crane Inspection & Operations: Certified Crane Lift Supervisor (CLS)
HE070 Breathing Apparatus Wearer (BAW)
HE065 Pollution Control in Process Industry
HE055 Safe Isolation of Plant & Equipment (Lockout & Tagout)
HE050 Defensive Driving (DDC)
HE040 Certified HACCP Professional (CHP): Food Hygiene & Food Safety Management (Accredited by the UAE Health Authority – HAAD)
HE035 Safety Inspections
HE030 Safety Inspector Qualification
HE025 Certified Safety Auditing, Hazard Identification, & Site Inspection (USA BEAC Examination Preparation Course)
HE015 SHE General
Human Resources & Management
Code Training Title
HR320 Business Processing Re-Engineering
HR315 HR Metrics and Analytics
HR310 Essential Attributes in Workplace
HR305 Business Driven HR: Evaluating the Impact of Strategic HR
HR300 Performance Management and Appraisal Techniques
HR295 HR Professional
HR290 Advanced Employee Relations
HR286 Specialized Human Resource Management
HR285 Mastering Human Resource Management
HR280 Manpower Oganization, Succession Planning and Trend Analysis
HR275 Managing the Training Development ‫‬
HR270 Managing and coordinating training proactively
HR265 Job Analysis and Job Description Techniques
HR260 International Human Resources Management
HR250 Identification & Analysis of Training Needs
HR245 Human Resources Management- The New HR Professional
HR240 Human Resources for Non-HR Managers
HR230 Human Resources Development and Personnel Management Conference
HR225 Human Relation Skills & EQ Techniques
HR220 Human Performance Improvement (HPI) - Beyond Training
HR215 HRM – Competencies Based
HR210 HR Skills
HR205 HR practices that promote entrepreneurship
HR200 HR Budgeting & Performance Through Balanced Score Card
HR195 KPIs Awareness
HR190 Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
HR185 Essential Skills for Effective Training (Certified Training Co-coordinator)
HR180 Essential Skills for Effective Training Administration
HR175 Enhancing the Skills of Training Co-coordinators
HR170 Course Structure and Syllabus Guidelines
HR165 Competency-Based Human Resources Management
HR160 Competencies Based Approach to Training & Development
HR135 Certified Training Officer Program
HR130 Training Skills
HR110 Development & Analysis of Job Description
HR105 Employee Affairs
HR100 Human Resource Management Skills
HR090 Training Needs Analysis Workshop
HR085 Leadership Skills
HR080 Performance Management: Skill Building, Coaching, Forecasting, Leading & Handling Change
HR070 Manpower Planning
HR065 Competency Management
HR060 Training Effectiveness: Measures and Measurements
HR055 Supplementary Manpower
HR050 Advanced Leadership Skills
HR045 Human Performance Improvement (HPI)
HR040 Performance Appraisal
HR035 Attrition Management
HR025 Compensation and Benefit
HR020 Practical Project Management for Engineers and Technicians
HR015 Emotional Intelligence
Instrumentations, Control & Telecommunications Engineering
Code Training Title
IE260 Customized Course in Industrial Instrumentation, Modern Control Systems, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) & Emergency Shutdown (IEC 61511 & 61508) and Boiler Control Safety Instrumented Systems
IE255 Practical Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown Systems for Process Industries (using IEC 61508 & 61511)
IE250 Certified Boiler Control, Instrumentation and Safety Requirements
IE245 Basics of Wireless Communication
IE240 Calibration of Pressure, Temperature & Flow Measuring Instruments
IE235 Fundamentals of Process Control
IE230 Wellhead Control Panel Design
IE225 Draw and Interpret Instrument Diagrams
IE220 Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) & Emergency Shutdown (ESD) {IEC 61511 & IEC 61508}
IE215 Certified Boiler instrumentation & Control
IE210 Metering Pumps Selection, Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
IE205 Tank Measurement, Metering & Meter Proving
IE200 Crude Metering & Measurement Systems
IE195 Practical Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronic Circuits
IE190 Process Controllers & Valves Tuning
IE185 Liquid & Gas Flowmetering & Custody Measurement: Multiphase, Ultrasonic & Loss Control
IE180 Gas Analyzer
IE170 Fiber Optics Access Network Planning
IE165 Compressor Control & Protection
IE155 Control System
IE150 Process Control & Instrumentation
IE140 Metering Pump Selection, Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
IE135 OLE for Process Control (OPC)
IE125 SDH Networks
IE121 Process Control, Tuning and Instrumentation
IE120 Control Valves and Actuators
IE110 Measurement and Control
IE105 Process Control, Instrumentation and Safeguarding
IE100 Instrumentation for Non-Instrumentation Engineers
IE095 TRICONEX-Tristation ESD System
IE090 Allen Bradley (Advanced)
IE085 Electric & Control System Commissioning, Start-up, Testing & Troubleshooting (NETA, ANSI, IEC & NEC)
IE080 Fire and Gas Detection System
IE075 Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
IE065 Custody Measurement & Loss Control for Petroleum Products
IE055 Instrument Safeguarding
IE051 Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) for Process Industries Using IEC 60511 and IEC 61508 IC-106
IE045 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) & Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
IE035 Control Loop
IE030 Multiphase Flowmetering
IE020 Distributed Control System (DCS) Applications, Selection & Troubleshooting
IE015 Structured Cabling System (SCS)
IE010 Alarm Management in Process Control
IT & Networking
Code Training Title
IT449 Exchange Server
IT448 MCSE - Server Admin
IT447 Comptia A+ & N+
IT445 Microsoft Office-Word
IT440 Microsoft Office-Excel
IT435 Managing IT Projects Effectively
IT430 Adapt to New Technologies
IT426 AutoCAD
IT425 MS Office & AutoCAD
IT420 Crystal Reports
IT415 Advanced Microsoft Office Visio 2007
IT410 MS Project
IT 405 Advanced Excel
IT400 MS SharePoint 2007
IT395 ICDL (International Computer Driving License)
IT385 SharePoint 2010 Application Development
IT380 Office 2010 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook) Advanced & Technical Enhanced Features
IT370 Security Plus
IT365 Network Plus
IT360 A+ ( Hardware & Software)
IT355 Certified Secure Programmer (CSP)
IT350 Network Security Administrator
IT345 CISCO Certified
IT340 Network Security
IT335 Web Development (PHP/ASP)
IT330 Visual Basic 6
IT325 Virtualization Management
IT320 Network Defense Mechanism
IT315 CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker & Network Security
IT310 Web Server Management
IT305 Software Development
IT301 Information Technology
IT300 ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
IT290 Telecommunications & Wide Area Networking
IT285 Project Scope and Requirements Management
IT280 Project Management: Tools and Techniques
IT276 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals
IT275 Oracle 10g
IT270 Modern Networking
IT265 Maintaining, Testing & Commissioning of Fiber Optics
IT260 IT Service Management
IT255 IT Network Administrator
IT250 Introduction to Project Management
IT245 Internet and Methods of Scientific Research in the Information Centers
IT240 Information Management Compliance
IT235 Documents and Records Management Data Warehouse
IT230 Network Technology
IT225 Windows Server Management
IT220 Internet System Management
IT215 TCP/IP Inter Networking
IT210 Operating System Security
IT205 Security Auditing, Attacks and Threat Analysis
IT200 Network Security and Firewalls
IT190 HP Data Center Specialist
IT185 Advance Services CISCO Active Network Abstraction(CANA)
IT180 Implementing Security Manager for Cisco Networks
IT175 ISO 9001-Implementor(Consultant) / Internal Auditor/Lead Auditor
IT170 ISO 1400-Implementor(Consultant) / Internal Auditor /Lead Auditor
IT165 OHSAS 18001
IT160 Adobe Fireworks CS6
IT155 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
IT150 Adobe Flash CS6
IT145 Adobe Photoshop CS6
IT135 Virtualization VM Ware/EMC/Microsoft
IT130 Cloud Computing
IT125 Service Oriented Architecture
IT120 European Foundation Quality Model(SKEA)
IT115 Java Programming Fundamentals
IT110 Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
IT105 IT Help Desk Courses
IT100 Cubit 5
IT095 Certified in Risk and Information System Control(CRISC)
IT090 IT Risk Management
IT085 ITIL V3 Expert Track(OSA,SOA,PPO,RCV) + MALC
IT080 ITIL Foundation
IT075 CGEIT(Certified in the Govern Governance of Enterprise IT)
IT070 IT Governance Implementation Workshop
IT065 Certified Business Continuity Professional
IT060 Business Continuity Planning(Basic Level)
IT055 Certified Information Security Specialist
IT050 Certified Security Compliance Specialist(CSCS)
IT045 Certified HIPPA Professional
IT040 ISO 27001 Implementer(Consultant)/Internal Auditor/Lead Auditor
IT035 Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)
IT030 Certified Fraud Examiner(CFE)
IT025 Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigator(CHFI)
IT020 Top Management Security Awareness
IT015 Certified Information Security Manager
IT010 Security Awareness Workshop
Logistics, Transportation, Inventory & Supply Chain Management
Code Training Title
LM100 Modern Purchasing Tendering and Supplier Selection & Operation
LM095 Logistics Management
LM090 Chemicals Shipping
LM080 Managing Supply Chain for Risk and Competitive Advantage
LM075 International Diploma in Logistics and Transport: Module 2 of 6: Managing Resources: CILT (UK) Accredited
LM070 Advanced Warehouse Management
LM065 International Diploma in Logistics and Transport: Module 3 of 6: Transport Economics and Finance: CILT (UK) Accredited
LM060 Purchasing Skills
LM055 Purchasing Strategies
LM050 Strategic Sourcing
LM045 Inventory Management Skills
LM040 Inventory Management (Inventory Management I & II)
LM035 Certified Supplier Relationship Professional
LM030 Certified Purchasing, Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management
LM025 Customs & Shipping Skills
LM020 Advanced Purchasing Skills
LM015 Advanced Procurement Skills, Tools & Techniques for World-Class Purchasing Professionals
LM010 Transport Management & Planning
Maintenance, Reliability & Rotating Equipment Engineering
Code Training Title
RE195 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control
RE190 Simplified Maintenance Reliability (SMR)
RE185 Rotating Machinery Vibration Maintenance & Troubleshooting
RE180 Troubleshooting Plant Rotating Equipment and Effective Predictive Maintenance
RE175 Machinery Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
RE170 Turbomachinery Maintenance & Troubleshooting
RE165 Machinery Reliability Assurance
RE160 Mobile Plant Maintenance & Troubleshooting
RE155 Total Plant Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
RE150 Excellence in Maintenance & Reliability Management: Preventive & Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Failure Analysis (RCFA)
RE145 Maintenance Management Training Program for Managers
RE140 Predictive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
RE135 Building & Facilities Maintenance Management
RE130 Certified Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) - ISO 18436-4/ ICML Certification
RE125 Performance Calculation for Rotating Engines
RE120 Vibration Techniques
RE110 Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage
RE105 Maintenance Management
RE100 Excellence in Maintenance & Reliability Management
RE095 Turbomachinery Annual Seminar
RE090 Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM)
RE085 Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals
RE080 Mechanical Maintenance in Industrial Plants
RE075 Rotating Equipment Reliability Optimization & Continuous Improvement
RE065 Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
RE060 Machinery Vibration Analysis Level - II
RE055 Mechanical Alignment
RE050 Machinery Diagnostics
RE040 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control
RE030 Mechanical Troubleshooting
RE025 Mechanical & Rotating Equipment Troubleshooting
RE020 Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
Management & Leadership
Code Training Title
ML600 Product Launch and Management
ML590 Internal Work System, Enhancement and Creativity
ML585 Total Quality Management Internal Audit
ML580 Organizational Development
ML576 Coaching
ML575 Coaching and Leadership
ML565 Project Management for Engineers and Technicians
ML560 Advanced Management and Leadership Skills for Project Managers & Leaders
ML555 ISO/TS 16949
ML550 Lean Manufacturing
ML546 Strategic and Quality Management
ML541 ISO 9001 Internal Audit
ML540 Quality Management System - ISO 9001
ML525 Powerful Business Presentation Skills
ML520 NLP: Strategies for Excellence at Work and In Life (Certified)
ML515 Supervisory Skills for Young Professionals
ML510 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control
ML505 Maintenance Contracting & Outsourcing
ML500 Essential Competencies of Maintenance Management
ML495 Effective Maintenance Planning Techniques in Refineries
ML490 Effective Maintenance Management - Best Practice
ML485 Effective Maintenance Leadership
ML480 Asset Maintenance Management
ML479 Time Management / Stress Control
ML478 Stress Management
ML477 Time Management
ML476 Planning, Organizing, Time and Stress Management
ML475 Managing Stress & Pressure at Work
ML465 Integrated Approach of Managing and Organizing the Work of Office Manager
ML460 Executive Secretary Skills
ML455 Executive Secretary Personal Assistant Job
ML450 Executive Secretariat Developed and Modern Office Management
ML445 Executive Secretariat and Office Management for Top Management
ML440 Executive Secretarial & Office Management Skills
ML435 Executive Secretarial & Computer Skills
ML430 Efficient Administration Skills
ML426 Writing Effective Policies & Procedures
ML425 Effective Report Writing Skills
ML420 Effective Office Management
ML415 Effective Administration Skills for Secretaries
ML410 Creative Public Relation Skills
ML405 Computer-Based Office Administration and Organization
ML400 Certified Team Leader
ML395 Certified Administration and Office Management Professional
ML390 Advanced Skills for Executive Secretaries
ML385 Advanced Office Management & Secretarial Effective Administration Skills
ML380 Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
ML375 Administrative & Secretarial Skills
ML371 Professional Secretarial & Administration Skills
ML370 Administrative & Executive Secretarial Skills
ML365 Achieving Successful Outcomes though Effective Management
ML255 Brand Development
ML250 ISO 50001 Lead Auditor
ML245 ISO 50001 Energy Management Awareness
ML240 Applying Lean Thinking to the Provision of Education and Training
ML235 Advanced Document Record Management
ML230 V1 Internal Verifier
ML225 Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques
ML220 Improving Productivity through Quality and Cost reduction
ML215 Feasibility Studies, Preparation Analysis & Evaluation
ML210 The Art of Leadership
ML205 Strategic Enterprise Analysis
ML200 Planning and Managing Creativity in the Organization
ML195 Planning & Improving Work Skills
ML190 MBA Essential
ML180 Mastering Management and Leadership Skills
ML170 Managerial Leadership
ML165 Managerial Finance A Master class in Analytical Assessment
ML160 Management Project Paper Guidelines
ML150 Management Excellence Master Class
ML146 Leadership
ML145 Leadership, Vision and Organizational Reality
ML141 Leadership Development & Supervisory Management Skills
ML140 Leadership Development - Self-Awareness, Skills & Strategies
ML135 Leadership & Management Skills for Supervisors
ML130 Inspirational Leadership & Creativity
ML125 Innovative Leadership Competencies
ML115 Improving Your Project Management Skills - Planning Organizing and controlling Projects
ML110 Improving your Project Management Skills
ML105 Improve Manager’s Skills in Delegating Authority
ML100 Health Care Executive Leadership Program
ML095 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
ML090 Effective Performance Management
ML075 Creative & Development Technology in Management
ML065 Corporate Ethics and Compliance
ML055 Claims & Counter Claims Management
ML050 Change Management
ML045 Business Strategy & Strategic Management
ML040 Breakthrough Leadership and Driving Change
ML035 Advanced Management The Art of Leadership & Management
ML031 Problem Solving & Decision Making
ML030 Advanced Management- Motivation, Strategic Planning & Creative Problem Solving
ML025 Advanced Management
ML020 Achieving Successful Outcome Through Effective Management
ML015 Achieving Leadership Excellence
ML010 Academic Rules & Regulations
Marine & Offshore Engineering
Code Training Title
OE095 Abaqus for Offshore Analysis
OE090 Advanced Course on Riser Mechanics
OE085 Vessel Handling and Maintenance
OE080 Commercial Deep Sea Diving
OE075 Underwater Welding
OE070 Vessel Hull & Machinery Survey, Inspection & Repair
OE065 Marine Operations in Oil and Gas Industry
OE060 Safety Management of Marine Terminals & Oil/Gas Tankers According to the International Standards (IMO, ICS, OCIMF & IAPH)
OE055 Subsea Pipeline Engineering
OE050 Offshore Rig & Jack-up Inspection
OE045 Optimizing Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operations, Management, Maintenance & Safety
OE040 ROV Operations for Subsea Inspection & Maintenance
OE030 Anchor Handling within Offshore Fields
OE025 Operation & Maintenance of Navigation Aids, Radar, GPS & Echo Sounder
OE020 Fundamentals of Offshore Engineering
OE015 Inspection & Maintenance of Subsea Pipelines & Offshore Structures
OE010 Offshore Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS®)
Mechanical & Utility Engineering
Code Training Title
ME540 CADWorx Plant Design Professional
ME525 Fundamentals on Machinery Lubrication Program and Monitoring
ME520 Automotive Fault Diagnosis
ME515 Dryers Technology: Types, Design, Operation & Maintenance
ME510 Pumps Operation & Maintenance and Performance in Power
ME505 Gas Turbine Control MK VI & MK VIe
ME500 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
ME495 High Pressure System Engineering
ME490 Gas Turbine Hot Section Assessment & Life Management of Turbine Operation & Control
ME485 Jet Pump System
ME481 GT & HRSG Combined Cycle Operation
ME480 Combined Cycle Power Plant
ME475 Basics of Mechanical
ME470 Refrigerant Compressor
ME460 Maintenance for Mechanical Equipment: Facilities Instructions, Standards , and Techniques
ME455 Draw and Interpret Mehcanical Diagrams
ME450 Pipeline Operation and Maintenance
ME445 Compressor Control System
ME441 Mechanical Seals
ME440 Mechanical Seal Design and Application
ME435 Diesel and Engines Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME430 Piping Inspection for Non-Destructive Testing
ME420 Modern Maintenance Technology
ME415 Advanced Maintenance Management
ME410 Advanced Maintenance Planning
ME405 Pump and Valve Selection for Optimum System Performance
ME400 Diesel Engine & Crane Maintenance
ME395 Boiler & Steam System Management: Performance, Efficiency, Troubleshooting, Tune-Up, Heat Recovery & Optimization
ME390 Bearing Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis
ME385 Roll Pass Design and Mill Operation
ME380 Advanced Machinery Dynamics
ME375 Bolted Flange Design & Stress Analysis (ASME/ANSI)
ME370 Utility Systems in Process Facilities
ME365 Pressure Vessel Design, Fabrication, Inspection, Flaw Evaluation and Repair (ASME Section VIII, API-510 & API 579 Standards
ME360 Boiler Failure Analysis & Prevention
ME355 Mechanical Seals Selection, Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME350 HVAC Direct Digital Control (DDC): Practical Application & Design
ME345 Diesel Engine - Basic Maintenance
ME341 Pumps and Pumping Systems
ME340 Pumps
ME330 Application of Standards in Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Codes
ME325 Chiller Design, Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME320 Tank Design, Construction & Maintenance
ME315 Milling Procedures
ME310 Lathe Procedures
ME305 Cutting Tools
ME300 Workshop Tools: Lathe, Cutting, Grinding, Milling & Drilling
ME290 Modern Valve Technology: Selection, Installation, Upgrading, Inspection, Repair & Troubleshooting
ME285 CAESAR-II Pipe Stress Analysis
ME280 Pipe Work Design & Fabrication
ME270 Compressor & Steam Turbine
ME265 Compressors & Turbines Operations, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME260 Pumps, Compressors, Turbines & Troubleshooting
ME255 Bearing Maintenance
ME245 Turbo Maintenance
ME240 Certified Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Water Treatment Technology (ISBI License)
ME236 Safe Operation of Boilers
ME225 Pumps & Valves
ME220 Practical Pneumatic Systems: Design, Operation, Control, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
ME215 Pneumatics System
ME210 Centrifugal Pump
ME205 Centrifugal Pump Selection, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, Repair & Troubleshooting
ME200 Tank & Tank Farms: Design, Operation, Instrumentation, Inspection, Maintenance, Performance & Efficiency
ME195 Maintenance & Fault Finding of Central Air Conditioning Units and Chillers
ME190 Air Conditioning Systems
ME185 A/C & Refrigeration
ME180 Turbomachinery
ME172 PSV: Pressure Safety Valve Machine
ME171 PSV Maintenance
ME165 Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
ME160 Gear Boxes: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair
ME145 Turbo Expander Operation, Performance, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME140 Mechanical Engineering for Non-Mechanical Engineers
ME130 Vibration Pumps Testing
ME125 The Layout of Piping Systems & Process Equipment
ME110 Pump and Valve Operation, Controlling & Maintenance
ME105 Pumps & Compressor
ME100 Blowers & Fan Technology
ME095 Heat Exchangers
ME086 Heat Exchangers and Heat Transfers Equipment
ME085 Heat Exchanger Operation, Maintenance & Repair
ME075 ASME Pressure Vessels
ME065 ASME VIII Pressure Vessel Design, Fabrication & Testing
ME060 Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration Systems: Design, Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME056 Centrifugal, Reciprocating & Screw Compressor
ME055 Centrifugal Compressors
ME050 Centrifugal Gas Compressor: Operation, Control, Start-up, Shutdown, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME045 Pump Selection, Installation, Performance & Control
ME035 AMS Machinery Manager
ME030 Compressor Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME026 Hydraulics System and Troubleshooting
ME025 Hydraulic System Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
ME020 Mechanical Design Concepts for Non-Mechanical Engineers
ME015 Certified Boiler Operation, Maintenance, Failure Analysis, Performance, Optimization & Steam System Management(ISBI Certification)
ME010 Practical Pumps - Design, Operation and Maintenance for Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps
Nuclear Engineering
Code Training Title
NE015 Renewable Energy: Solar PV & Thermal Solar
NE010 Renewable Energy Technologies: Photovoltaics Fundamentals, Technology and Application
Process & Chemical Engineering
Code Training Title
PE330 Surface Facilities Process - Basic
PE320 Process Plant Shutdown, Turnaround & Troubleshooting
PE315 Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers
PE310 Process Engineering Calculations
PE305 Ammonia Plant Reformers, Reactors & Compressors with Simulation
PE300 Fuel (Diesel/Petrol) Handling
PE295 Introduction to Process Engineering
PE290 Carbon Dioxide Surface Facility & Injection System
PE285 Petroleum Refinery Process Operations
PE280 Oil and Gas Field Processing
PE275 LPG Plant Design with Modern Technology
PE270 Process Safety and Hazard Analysis
PE265 Over Pressure Control Flare Systems
PE260 Process Operations for Technicians
PE255 Fired Heater and Heat Transfer Equipments
PE250 Problem Solving & Decision Making for Engineers working in Gas Plant
PE245 Combustion Techniques
PE240 Bulk Measurements and Accounting Loss Reduction
PE236 Surface Facilities Process Basic
PE235 Oil & Gas Production Operation - Introduction to Surface Facilities
PE230 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
PE225 Hydrocarbon Production Operation
PE220 Basic Operations Skills
PE215 Hydrocarbon Dewpoint (HCDP) Control
PE205 NGL & Refrigerant Extraction and Fractionation
PE200 Pilot Plant Design, Installation & Operation
PE195 Advanced Operation Skills
PE190 Oil & Gas Operations: Gas Processing, Hydrates, Dehydration, Sweetening, NGL Recovery & Fractionation, Oil Production, Desalting, Stabilization, Storage Tanks, Mixers, Meter Proving, Cargo Calculations & Flow Measurement
PE185 MEG (Monoethylene Glycol) Manufacturing Process Technology
PE176 Plastic Additives
PE175 Plastic Additives Selection, Application & Troubleshooting
PE170 Cooling Tower Selection, Operation & Maintenance
PE165 Extrusion Technology
PE160 Plastic Extrusion Technology: Design, Operation & Troubleshooting
PE155 Basic Operation Skills
PE150 Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Technology
PE145 Molecular Sieves Dryer-Adsorption
PE135 Cryogenic Pumping
PE130 Flare, Blowdown & Pressure Relief Systems
PE125 Crude Stabilization Operations
PE115 Elements of Applied Process Engineering
PE110 Polymer & Polymerization Technology
PE091 Gas Conditioning & Processing
PE085 Polyethylene & Polypropylene Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting
PE080 Distillation Principles
PE075 Distillation Column Operation, Control & Troubleshooting
PE065 Rules of Thumb for Chemical and Process Engineering
PE055 Catalyst Selection & Production Optimization
PE050 Process Equipment Design, Sizing, Selection, Applications, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
PE045 Certified Process Plant Operator Program
PE040 Process Plant Start-up and Commissioning
PE035 Fundamentals of Distillation for Engineers
PE030 Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting
PE020 Troubleshooting Process Operations
PE015 Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling: CRUDE OIL & LNG: Storage, Separation, Loading, Unloading, Marine Operations, Dehydration, Desalting, Measurement & Calculations
PE010 Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving
Project, Contract & Procurement Management
Code Training Title
PM280 Advanced Contracts Auditing for the Oil and Gas Industry
PM275 Quality Assurance and Control In Facilities Inspection
PM270 QA/QC in Project Execution and Construction Management
PM265 Workshop on FIDIC Contract Documents
PM260 Cost Engineering
PM255 Detection of Loopholes, Fraud and Deceit in Contracts
PM250 Introduction to Project Engineering
PM240 Advanced Process Risk Assessment & Risk Management
PM235 Understanding Commercial Contracts
PM225 The Strategic Buyer
PM220 The Contracts & Purchasing Master class
PM215 Oil & Gas Project Management
PM210 Marketing for Better Results
PM205 Market Research Foundations and Applications
PM195 Management of Contracts & Contract Claims
PM190 Management of Contracts
PM180 Earned Value Management for Project Performance Measurement
PM175 Contractual Risk, Insurance and Indemnities
PM170 Contracts Administration
PM165 Contract Management & Tendering
PM160 Contract Cost and Price Analysis
PM155 Communication Techniques for Strong Work Relationships
PM146 Certified Sales Executive
PM145 Certified Sales Manager
PM140 Certified Marketing Professional
PM135 Brand Management From Concept to Equity
PM130 Basic Project Management: Planning and Control Techniques
PM125 Advanced Contracts Management
PM120 Advanced Contracts and Project Management
PM115 Managing Tender Specification and Contracts
PM110 Contract Management Skills
PM105 Advanced Contract Management Skills
PM100 Advanced Contract Management: Planning, Strategy, Development, Legal, Negotiation, Disputes, Claims, Counter Claims, Risk & Administration
PM095 Procurement Best Practices
PM090 Advanced Project & Construction Management: Best Practice in Managing Construction (Aligned to PMI Requirements)
PM085 Quality for Project Managers
PM080 Project Risk Management
PM075 Applying Project Control, Monitoring and Reporting
PM070 Project Management
PM065 Basic Project Management (Aligned with PMI Certification Training Requirement)
PM061 Contract and Project Management
PM060 Project Contract Management
PM055 Project Procurement & Contract Management
PM050 Insurance Requirements and Liabilities in Construction Contracts
PM040 Flawless Project Delivery
PM035 Contract Negotiation Skills
PM030 Negotiating, Drafting & Understanding Contracts
PM025 Managing & Applying Project Controls: Project Monitoring, Reporting & Control: Planning, Scheduling & Cost Control (Certified Project Leader)
PM020 Planning, Budgeting & Cost Control (Advanced Project Schedule Cost Control)
Soft Skills
Code Training Title
SS325 The Power of Positive Attitude
SS320 Strategic Thinking: From Planning to Execution
SS315 Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
SS310 Service Quality & Excellence: Beyond Customer Service
SS305 Communication & Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals
SS300 Advanced Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Program
SS295 Presentation Skills
SS285 ADDC Core Values Workshop
SS280 Developing a Competency Framework
SS275 Engagement and Motivation Workshop
SS270 Achieving Performance Excellence through Audit
SS265 Corporate Entrepreneurship
SS260 Corporate Public Relations
SS255 Corporate Strategies and Innovation
SS250 Events and Conferences Management
SS245 Administration and Office Management: Best Practices and Technologies
SS240 Managing Conflict: Power through Influence
SS230 Before You Begin
SS225 Team Leading
SS220 Critical Thinking, Innovation & Creativity
SS215 Business Communication
SS210 Business & Technical Report Writing
SS205 Negotiation Skills
SS200 Technical Report Writing
SS195 Reception Skills
SS181 Communication & Interpersonal Skills
SS180 Communication Skills
SS175 The Customer Service and Public Relations Master Class
SS170 The Best Ways to Utilize Advertising
SS160 The Art of Dealing with Others
SS155 Public Speaking, Recent Trends in Health Care
SS150 Public Relations Strategy
SS145 Public Relations Management
SS140 Public Relations Communication Strategies for Success
SS135 Customer Satisfaction ISO 10002:2004 (Guidelines for Complaints Handling in Organization)
SS130 Public Relations & Corporate Communications
SS125 Project Monitoring Reporting & Control
SS120 Media Efficiency
SS115 MASTERING Public Relations & Communications skills
SS110 Mastering Public Relations
SS105 Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
SS100 Maintaining your Customers
SS095 Latest Developments of Public Relations & Media
SS090 Hospitality Events and Conferences Management
SS085 Handling the Media and Public Speaking
SS080 Freshmen in Public Relations
SS075 Extraordinary Customer Service
SS070 Excellence in Customer Services
SS065 Developing Internal Customer Services
SS061 Customer Service and Public Relations
SS060 Customer Service Excellence How to Win and Keep Customers
SS055 Customer Relationship Management
SS050 Contemporary Strategies of Public Relations and Media
SS045 Communication Techniques for Strong Work Relationships
SS035 Advanced Public Services
SS020 Advanced Communication Skills
SS015 Achieving Excellence in Customer Service
SS010 Public Relations and Media Skills
Structural & Civil Engineering
Code Training Title
SE140 Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods
SE135 Design of Steel Structures - Basic
SE125 Construction Site Management and Supervision
SE120 Structural Design for Non Structural Engineers
SE115 Advanced Concrete Technology
SE110 Non-Destructive Testing of Bridge Structures
SE105 Energy Management in ADCO Buildings
SE100 Parks and Recreation
SE095 Urban Planning
SE085 Building Envelopes & Finishes, Lanscaping & Roofing System
SE080 Road Pavement Design & Maintenance
SE075 Civil Engineering for Non-Civil Engineers
SE070 Steel Structure Design, Inspection, Maintenance & Durability: Advances in Steel Work Design
SE065 Concrete Structures in Process Plants: Design, Inspection, Repair & Maintenance
SE060 Land Surveying & GPS
SE055 Steel Structure Design, Inspection, Maintenance & Durability
SE050 Structural Analysis and Design (STAAD PRO)
SE045 Corrosion Protection, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures
SE040 Water Distribution Systems & Pumping Stations
SE035 Concrete Structural Design, Maintenance & Reliability Analysis for Industrial Projects & Process Facilities
SE030 Design of Blast Resistant Structures
SE025 Geometric Design of Urban and Rural Road
SE020 Advanced Materials for Construction and Repair of Concrete
SE016 Concrete Durability, Repair and Rehabilitation Works
SE015 Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Assessment, Repair & Risk-Based Inspection
SE010 Structural Reliability Analysis in Civil Engineering
Water & Waste Water Treatment
Code Training Title
WE090 Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants : Operation & Maintenance
WE085 Water Quality and Assessment
WE075 Hydraulic Drives Filtering and Flow Distribution
WE070 Acid & Ball Cleaning System in MSF Plant
WE045 Hydraulic Modelling for Water Network Design
WE031 Water Injection System
WE030 Water Injection Treatment
WE015 Oily Water Treatment Technology
WE010 Water Treatment for Plant Utilities, Offsite and Cogeneration